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Data Nexus


Data Nexus facilitates discovery of data by linking to sources for research and analytical data, to external data available for use, and to services and support around research.

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UC San Diego's Data Nexus is designed to offer one-stop shopping for datasets available for reuse, whether you want to reproduce an experiment, conduct machine learning on an existing dataset, or analyze administrative aspects of the University.

The Data Nexus is the product of years of collaboration between the UC San Diego Library, IT Services, and with campus partners that originated with the campus' Research CyberInfrastructure (RCI) project in 2009. Managing the Data Nexus are the co-chairs of UC San Diego's Research Computing and Data Governance Committee.

The Data Nexus is intended as a campus creation, expected to grow over time. We are always open to ideas about how to make the site work better for you. Please let us know of relevant data sources we can add at: